6 Passenger Vehicles

Whenever you are in the market to get a used or a new car, there is a need to assess certain things before you actually go ahead and buy the car. These things include: how many people can be accommodated; how far do you expect to travel in a specific time-period; are you likely to drive in difficult conditions; do you require an automatic gear transmission? You need to make a list of all the things you expect from the car. During this process, you need to consider if you really need some things such as a sunroof or if you can live without it. Car sizes are getting smaller these days because people are expecting their vehicles to be fuel-efficient. The problem is that larger families of six or more members may need larger vehicles such as 6 passenger vehicles. As a result, the manufacturers are converting their existing larger vehicles into cars providing better mileage. People with large families may dream about having a small 2-seater car but the reality is that they need a bigger vehicle to carry everyone in the family.

There are several 6 passenger vehicles available on the market. Most of them are SUVs or minivans. Many crossovers also come with the third row seating which offers the option of seating six or more passengers at a time. The third row seats can be easily folded away and the extra space that is available can be used as cargo space for carrying luggage. Almost all the top makers of cars have different models to select from. You can use the list you have created to narrow down the options.

Great news is that carmakers are finally listening to the users’ complaints about the usual 5-seater cars and their desire for more seating options and larger interior space. This is now being provided by most top car makers. Extra seating has been added to the popular models of almost all cars. This provides the buyer with additional options when considering the requirements for a family car.

2012 Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento

Sorento is one of the most popular vehicles among car buyers looking for 6 passenger vehicles. Kia has equipped the Sorento with extra fog lights. In addition, the outside mirrors are heated and they have integrated turn signals. There is also a rear spoiler, a panoramic sunroof and rails. Sorento comes with wheel locks and a towing hitch. The interiors of this car are extremely modern and include AM/FM radio, CD and MP3 players along with a SIRUS radio and surround sound. Bluetooth wireless controls are also available on the steering wheel. There is also front and rear air conditioning that helps keep your family cool during long distance journeys. Depending upon the various models available of the Kia Sorento, you can obtain a gas mileage of around 20 mpg in city and 26 mpg on highways. Sorento also has standard safety systems, which protect the passengers from injury in case of accidents. The airbags provided are extremely advanced and they deploy even in a vehicle rollover situation. Kia Sorento has received a high safety rating. It was also rated as one of the best 6 passenger vehicles of 2011.

This mid-size affordable SUV is available at a price of around $21,000. The latest version of the vehicle continues to provide superiority with car-like handling, solid engine options and a host of standard equipment. The Sorento comes in three models, all of them having AWD and a V6 engine. Even the engine of the base model is powerful enough for most buyers. This vehicle from Kia is hard to beat due to excellent pricing and commendable overall performance. It is not just a good value for the money; it is a top pick for anyone looking for a 6 passenger vehicle.

2012 GMC Sierra 1500

GMC Sierra 1500

This truck from GMC offers lot to the buyers in terms of capability, fuel economy and performance. It offers a broad lineup of models ready for jobs, from a work truck to a well appointed Denali. You can get a range of wheelbases, bed sizes, cab sizes, drive types and trims. You can choose from five engines including 4.3-lit V6, 4.8 lit V8, 5.3 lit V8 and 6.2 lit V8, along with two automatic transmissions viz six-speed and four-speed. When it is properly equipped, the Sierra can supply a solid carrying capacity of almost 2000 pounds and can tow about 10,000 pounds. You can also get a full range of towing options, suspensions, comfort, and entertainment along with other packages.

The base trim is available for around $22,000 and Sierra offers a fuel economy of 15 mpg in city and 18 mpg on highway. The Sierra is famous for being the most customizable of 6-passenger vehicles around. You can even get a hybrid model of Sierra. You can practically create a Sierra due to the availability of so many trims. The area where it falls short is the interior space although it does offer air conditioning, stereo and tilted steering wheel. Almost every reviewer is pleased with the performance of this 6-passenger vehicle. The truck handles like a car making it pleasant to drive.