6 Passenger Cars

The cars that have the capacity to hold 6 persons are also available as full-sized sedans. They are suitable for couples with children. You can also use them for carpooling to take the children to school and activities. These large cars are capable of seating six average-sized persons comfortably. If you have less than six people to transport, you will have a lot of leg and elbow room for everyone. When several people from a family are likely to travel in a car, a two-seater coupe will not be suitable. So when considering a vehicle to buy, 6 passenger cars such as sedans and trucks should be your natural choice. There are many options you should think about while looking for a car such as: shoulder, hip, head and legroom available. Also, look at the available cargo space offered by the vehicles. In order to protect the drivers and passengers, some non-profit insurance companies rate vehicles for safety on highways and provide ratings such as: good, acceptable or poor etc. You can get good quality 6 passenger cars at a price tag of less than $20,000. The more luxurious cars can be acquired for about $50,000. It is important to consider the styling and features that are important to you, and most importantly, the money you are willing to spend for luxury models.

2012 Buick LaCrosse

Buick LaCrosse

The LaCrosse is obviously the best affordable large car available in the market. It is a reasonably priced option among 6 passenger cars and the base model retails at around $28,000. This vehicle comes with the option of either a fuel-efficient eAssist engine or a powerful V6 one. The various luxury features offered by the vehicle are at par with the luxury vehicle leader, Lexus. You can get the LaCrosse with a 4-cylinder engine and the electric motor called eAssist as standard equipment. The 2012 model of the vehicle offers a power option that is comparable with that offered by the 2011 version of the car. However, the new version offers better fuel economy. Most of the buyers are looking to get the V6 version because of the better fuel economy offered by the eAssist. The interiors of the Buick LaCrosse are luxurious and comfortable with smart phone integration, thereby allowing the users to listen to music through a Bluetooth. This is one of the 6 passenger cars that sell for around $30,000.

2012 Chevrolet Impala

Chevrolet Impala

The Impala comes with a new and powerful engine along with a modern transmission. Although the vehicle is bland, it does provide seating capability for six passengers due to the spaciously designed interiors. The latest version of the vehicle comes with an improved powerful drive train that has been borrowed from Chevy’s Camaro. The car also provides decent fuel economy with a mileage rating of 18 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on highways. The 2012 version is available in three models and the base style is priced around $26,000. Although not one of the best 6 passenger cars, it comes at a reasonable price.