6 Passenger Limo

One of the most significant things to do before renting limousine service is deciding on the size of the limo. You can get several different limos of diverse sizes. The best limo service providers will have some choices for you to consider. The size of your party will have an important role in deciding whether you opt for a 6 passenger limo or a 4 passenger one. It is always a good idea to talk to the local limo service provider about the most suitable car for the event. This person is knowledgeable and will assist you in making a decision. However, first you need to be able to answer the questions he will ask such as: how many people are expected to be in the party; how long a time will you need the car for; will you need additional space for cargo and other items etc?

Actually the number of passengers is the most significant information that is needed, followed by the duration of the ride. For a short trip of less than half an hour, it is quite acceptable to have up to ten passengers in the limo. However, for longer trips, a larger number of passengers can make the trip crowded and uncomfortable. In addition to this, the belongings of the users and the occasion play an important role. In the case of a wedding you may be carrying a large wedding dress and several bridesmaids’ dresses. This will mean that more cargo space is required and as a result, fewer passengers can be allowed. You need to plan. Renting a limo for special events will allow you to fit more members in one place rather than a cab, which will not be able to carry more than four passengers. This allows a group of friends to travel together. A regular Lincoln can work as a 6 passenger limo although it can seat more passengers. Sometimes renting one stretch limo may turn out to be a less expensive option than hiring 2 or 3 cabs, especially if rented in advance.

Whenever you need a 6 passenger limo, remember to contact your local limousine service provider who will gladly accommodate you. Consider the different packages offered before settling for one. If you select the package wisely, you will enjoy your time in a grand and elegant limousine.

Lincoln Town Car Limousine

Lincoln Limousine

Lincoln is easily the most recognized name in limo industry. You can get the various Lincoln limos in a number of styles and price tags. These limos have been available in the US for decades now. New models are produced every year. You can approach the Lincoln dealers to buy these limos but before doing that, determine the kind of limo you are looking for; whether it is an SUV, a town car or a conventional 6 passenger limo. Determine the engine type suitable for the car. There are both six-cylinder and eight-cylinder vehicles available. There are several features incorporated in the limo, including roof lighting, leather seats, bar area, AC and heater, sound system and a DVD player.