6 Passenger SUV

Many years ago, the carmakers started to integrate all the features of a car to be controlled from the driver’s seat and as a result, the additional sixth seat beside the driver was discarded. Due to this, the cars of today generally seat five passengers, instead of 6. The front bench used to accommodate three people but now it has been changed to two separate front seats, with the parking break and gear stick placed in between. However, some cars offer front bench seating in order to accommodate the extra passenger. One such example is the Lincoln Town Car. The Town Car is the best-known 6 passenger car out of a small group of available cars. This car is still popular with some older car buyers. The central console of the car can be flipped to provide extra room.

You can typically expect a 6 passenger SUV to be similar in appearance to other vehicles in their category but every vehicle has some unique features. The one thing they all have in common is that they are all large and heavy. However, this can be expected in a serviceable vehicle that is both family and cargo-friendly. Generally, most SUVs are capable of seating 5 persons and the larger SUVs are less popular because they consume lot of fuel. The conveniences offered by a 6 passenger SUV are so important that people are very thankful. It allows enough space to seat a family of six and there is no need to move seats in and out of the SUV. Everyone is seated comfortably with no one being squeezed. These kinds of SUVs offer a large set of options for people with bigger families and provide sufficient space for both seating six people and their baggage.

2012 Lincoln MKT

Lincoln MKT

The MKT from Lincoln comes with six-speed automatic overdrive transmission and the options of a 3.7-lit, 268 hp V6 or a 3.5-lit 355 hp V6 engine. This 6 passenger SUV can even seat 7 people. It comes with that much extra space. The MKT provides a fuel mileage of 17 mpg in cities and 23 mpg on highways. The Lincoln is offered at about $44,300 and includes a 50,000 miles or 4-year warranty. It also provides excellent performance. The interior of the luxury midsize 6 passenger SUV is definitely one of its best features. For example, this Lincoln vehicle comes standard with leather seats, which will increase the selling price by about $10,000. The turbocharged eco-boost engine under the MKT’s hood on the higher end models has been praised from a variety of critics. In addition to that, the AWD is standard in all models, as are paddle shifters.

There are some innovative options available with the higher end models of the Lincoln and they are: parallel park assist, adaptive cruise control and a row of refrigerated consoles. For the 2012 version, Lincoln has lowered the price of their Ecoboost model, although it has discontinued the AWD from the base model. This has resulted in the car user getting the higher end model AWD Eco-boost MKT for the same price as the base model of the year 2011.