6 Seater Cars

While looking for 6 seater cars, the utility of the third row of seating can be of utmost importance. All 6 seater vehicles offering a third row of seating give you the option of that additional space to accommodate more people. Therefore, the third row of seating is an important consideration when selecting your 6 passenger car. These third row seats are normally fold-down seats and are not as comfortable as the second row seats. However, if you have small children, this third row is suitable for them. There will be people who would rather opt for an SUV or a minivan. However, an SUV with a third row of seating is a better option than the minivan. Whenever you think of having a third row of seating, typically you will think of larger SUVs, however this seating can be found in minivans, crossover SUVs and wagons as well. Here are some 6 seater cars with additional seating capabilities.

2012 Mercedes-Benz R-Class

Mercedes-Benz R-Class

R-Class is the Mercedes-Benz’s brand crossover car. This is easily one of the best 6 seater cars available on the market. The vehicle is created for car owners looking for a blend of the driving capabilities of a sedan and the spacious interiors and functions of an SUV. The vehicle has three rows of seating and can even accommodate seven passengers, if required. It is available with the traditional four doors and top-hinged rear lift-gate giving easy access to the luggage section. You can get the R-Class in two models, both with V6 engines. The base model, a 3.5-lit engine generates 302 hp while the other option has a 3.0-lit 210 hp engine. Both engines make use of BlueTEC clean diesel technology that increases gas mileage. The car comes with a seven-speed automatic transmission with a manual option also available along with steering wheel paddles. Both styles come with AWD, a power window for the rear section, a power sunroof, automatic climate control, 19-inch alloy wheels, navigation system and Bluetooth technology. This crossover is one of the best 6 seater cars and also comes with standard safety features including traction and stability control mechanisms, impact airbags from the side of the first two rows, anti-lock disc brakes including brake assist and overhead airbags for all the rows. The 2012 version of the vehicle comes with standard improvements such as a more powerful V6 engine and LED daytime lights. The base model retails for about $51,000.

2011 Buick Lucerne

Buick Lucerne

If you are looking for a smooth, quiet ride and have lower requirements for a vehicle, this would be a good option. It is a blend of a medium range price tag for a six passenger carrying capability, in addition to the comfortable ride. This justifies this Buick vehicle as one of the most useful 6 passenger cars. The interiors are reasonable and styling is conservative. You can get the 2011 version of the Buick Lucerne in four models. The higher end option, called Super, comes with a V8 engine while the other three have a V6. You will get the Stabilitrak stability control system from GM as standard in all four models. This vehicle is one of the extremely safe and reliable 6 passenger cars to drive.