6 Seater SUV

You can get rid of the old now and bring in the new. The once popular minivans are slowly but surely being replaced by the more modern vehicles such as the 6 seater SUV. Soccer moms are looking for a stylish mode of transportation for their families. Minivans became popular with families looking for vehicles capable of transporting six passengers, yet having roomy interiors. However, they are fast being replaced by the 6 seater SUV which is capable of providing better gas mileage, more comfort and larger interior space. All features that minivans were proud of can be found in the six passenger SUVs. Apart from providing luxury transportation from one place to another, they look nice while doing it. The family cars of previous years are not capable of offering so many features.

With the continuing economic crisis, the fuel mileage offered by any vehicle is a major concern for all car buyers. Every extra mile offered by the vehicle is important. The 6 seater SUV offers significantly better mileage than any normal family minivan. On average, the six passenger SUVs offer 17 mpg in cities and 24 mpg on highways. This is compatible with a majority of much smaller sedans. There are several other advantages as well. The main advantages of conventional minivans are that they can carry large families along with their luggage. Its seats can be folded and tucked away; thereby providing additional space for relatively small families or for those times when not everyone in the family gets in the car. However you can fill the 6 passenger SUV to its capacity and still there will be enough cargo space around to store your belongings.

Some of the SUVs are capable of seating five passengers only, while some larger ones can hold up to nine. The larger SUVs not only provide additional room that is not required, but they consume a lot of fuel. Therefore, a 6 passenger SUV is the golden measure and people are extremely happy with it. These SUVs provide just enough space to seat six passengers and their belonging. There is no need to move the seats back and forth to accommodate additional cargo space or passengers. Yet they offer enough space for a comfortable ride.

2012 Audi Q7

Audi Q7

This medium sized SUV has received a perfect 10 for safety features. The Q7 can seat 6-7 passengers. You can purchase the base model of the Audi Q7 for around $46,000 and this 6 seater SUV provides a fuel mileage of 16 in the city and 22 on Highways. The engine lineup offered by the vehicle and quality of its interiors are definitely the strong points of the vehicle. Even the base model of the Q7 comes with a gas powered V6 engine. The Q7 also offers a smooth ride. The vehicle is intended for buyers looking for classy interiors, performance and driving capabilities. You can also get a navigation upgrade that is based on Google Earth.