Best 6 Passenger Vehicle

The best sports cars from any segment are always enjoyable, especially to the younger drivers who like the styling and speed. Of course, youngsters are not the only ones who enjoy this – older people also enjoy the styling associated with the sports cars and the feel of driving them. It makes them feel young again. However, the requirements for a family car are different. The speed and pickup are not the main criteria. Rather it is the seating capability and the fuel mileage. Therefore, the best 6 passenger vehicle for a family will have different criteria for selection than a sports car will have. Of course, the styling of the car may also hold equal significance when selecting the family car. Another important consideration can be the price tag of the vehicle. What many people do not know is that with the advent of technology, several new passenger vehicles including cars and SUVs have become more affordable in terms of gas mileage. There are several new engines built which, in addition to being fuel-efficient are also eco-friendly. This is valuable, particularly on long road trips. You can also get hybrid vehicles, which run on an alternative fuel such as electricity. Because of this, some 6-passenger vehicles provide mileage up to 30 mpg and some even 40 mpg.

Obviously, the best 6 passenger vehicle for an individual customer will be the one that caters to his needs. By performing some basic comparisons between the different six passenger vehicles, you can come to the right conclusion. Reading the available reviews on internet will also provide the buyer with an idea about the utility of the vehicle. This way you will find the best 6 passenger vehicle for your family. You can select from several options. The most popular ones are Toyota RAV4, Ford Explorer, Mazda Mazda5, and Lincoln Town Car.

2011 Lincoln Town Car

Lincoln Town Car

The Town Car is an appealing sedan from Lincoln mainly due to its roomy seating capabilities and a cargo area large enough to provide storage for both golf clubs and luggage. The Town Car is a truly conventional US luxury sedan. This sedan, widely regarded as the best 6 passenger vehicle, can comfortably accommodate six people in quality leather seats, with satin nickel accents and burl walnut appliqué. You can get the Town Car in two models and a 4.6-lit 239 hp V8 engine, along with a four-speed automatic transmission powering the car. Other standard features and equipment include 17-inch Aluminum wheels, adjustable power padels, powered trunks, heated front seats, keyless entry and automatic climate control. The vehicle also comes with excellent safety features such as traction control, side-impact airbags, front airbags and a security system. In the 2011 model, we can see the new polished Aluminum wheels replacing the optional chrome wheels from last year.

The Lincoln Town Car nowadays is heavily endorsed by the vehicle rental business thanks mainly due to the impressive dimensions, a silky-smooth ride and a huge trunk. All this makes the vehicle ideal for aristocrats requiring transportation. The Town Car competes well with other luxury premium cars. It delivers superior quality for your money. However, the fact remains that this is one of the last body-on-frame sedans still in production.